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Stephen Chow Sing Chi (Chinese: 周星馳, born 22 June ) is a Chinese film director, actor, In , his new film The Mermaid broke numerous box office records: Biggest opening day, biggest single-day gross after its seventh day of. 周星馳 Zhou Xing Chi (Stephen Chow) Movie Collection by davidh - a staff- created list: 周星馳 The mermaid Shi shen. The god of cookery. DVD - ? . Available in some locations Xi you ji di yi bai ling yi hui zhi Yue guang bao he. Shan, a mermaid, is sent to assassinate Xuan, a developer who threatens the ecosystem of her race, but Chao Deng in Mei ren yu () Stephen Chow at an event for Mei ren yu () Mei ren yu . Constable Mr. Shi (as Shangzheng Li).

Actor stays behind camera for this well told story of a mermaid clan's fight against a property developer, which combines romance, comedy and. Stephen Chow in Forbidden City Cop (), Stephen Chow in King of Beggars ( ), Stephen Chow in The Banquet (). Highest Rated: 94% The Mermaid (Mei ren yu) () Stephen Chow (also Stephen Chaiu) is a highly popular Hong Kong actor and director, whose expertise.

Stephen Chow has been busy working on the sequel to his box which starred Jelly Lin (Lin Yun) as a mermaid called Shan Shan, who. Vicki Zhao Wei from Shaolin Soccer (Stephen Chow) .. stephen-chow-mermaid- graphic Latest Comedy, Latest Movies, Shaolin Soccer, .. All's Well, Ends Well The Lost Bladesman The Legend of Chen Zhen Ip Man . based on the story of Guan Yu (d. in the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. A; LET THE BULLETS FLY (, dir Jiang Wen); THE MERMAID (, dir. Stephen Chow); A TOUCH OF SIN (, dir. Jia Zhangke); STILL.