Sasha gohard what we do lyrics

Sasha Go Hard back in this bitch man. Sasha Go Hard, look at my resume. I ain't got time for you niggas tryna take my shine. Why They Mad Lyrics: Take a nigga energy / Make his ho my enemy / Hurry up and money me / Pussy sweet I'm hunny bee / See you haters under me / Know. Bricks Lyrics: Coming in bricks / I am that bitch, worry bout shit? Money I get Bricks. Sasha Go Hard I been the shit since I made "What We Do" ho. Take ya.

[verse 1: Sasha Go Hard] Bread first, drama last. I'm a real chick, I don't kiss ass. Real bitches get real money. Fake hoes don't make money. If you got them mad, . Hard To Handle Lyrics by Sasha. Sasha - Hard To Handle Song lyrics watch he video of Sasha Gohard - What We Do / shot by @DJKENN_AON. (Verse 1) If it ain't about the money, what the f**k can we discuss? Yeah that's your We cannot do business until I am finished. And until I am.

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