How to restart raid on destiny

I joined a group late and now have the Calus checkpoint. I would like to start fresh with a new party, how do I do this?. If you want to restart raids in Destiny 2, you might have a bit of trouble. Here's what we know about how to reset The Last Wish. Destiny 2 How to Reset Raid guide shows you how to start over the Last Wish raid in the Forsaken DLC, if you want to return to a previous.

Is it just me or can you not restart by holding the x button anymore? I just did atheon and wanted the Oracle checkpoint but it won't let me reset. Destiny 2 weekly reset is the most important day in the week for those Strikes, Ikora Challenges, Clan XP; Raid progress and rewards. Today, I got up as far as Atheon on the Vault of Glass but everyone left because of lag If I restart the raid from the beginning by joining a new.