How to format my blackberry curve 9360

Follow these steps to safely reset and reboot your BlackBerry® smartphone. This feature lets you erase all content and settings from the BlackBerry Curve Warning: all media, data and settings will be erased. This action cannot be . How to factory reset BLACKBERRY Curve? How to wipe all data in BLACKBERRY Curve? How to bypass screen lock in BLACKBERRY Curve.

The BlackBerry Curve is a sleek and attentively designed includes a very quick method for resetting your phone to its factory settings. Learn how to wipe or master reset the BlackBerry Curve through the menu or hardware keys. Find out more on this page: Cache partition Master reset. Perform a Reset with the RIM BlackBerry Curve Advisory: IMPORTANT: If the security lock is enabled and the password is entered incorrectly 10 times.

Resetting the BlackBerry smartphone to factory defaults will erase all data from the BlackBerry smartphone (including built-in storage) along with any IT policies . The BlackBerry Curve is a smartphone manufactured by Research in Motion that runs the BlackBerry operating system. Although the device has its own built-in.