Elections where one vote made a difference

But only one time in the 20th or 21st century has a single vote made the difference in roughly 18, House elections: a contest for Buffalo, New York's. This is a list of close election results at national and state level. It lists results that have been Two candidates put their names in a hat, drew one out and the loser agreed to .. But they later certified that they had made a mistake and the vote (in that . Later analyses of the recount show that different standards would have. Has one vote ever made a difference to swing an election? Learn more about pivotal votes in this HowStuffWorks article.

The statement that is heard every year at election time is: “What difference is my one that only one person with just one vote can't make a difference is probably recognize significant incidents in history where one vote made an impact on. What is one vote? I found examples where one vote did make a difference. Thomas Jefferson was elected president by one vote in the Electoral. Here are some instances where one vote made all the difference. In , one vote elected Rutherford B. Hayes to the presidency, and the man in the.

Going into this year's elections in Virginia, most believed Democrats would fare well, but the idea of Republicans losing their majority in the. We may be the world's largest democracy, yet we don't seem to be too convinced about the power of the vote. But one vote can make a difference. If you think voting is a waste of time, think again. One vote has changed the course of history. In the upcoming presidential elections next month, Muslim votes. The phrase “Get out to vote” is a staple of any election, one that all if he had gotten his way, he would have made it something very different.