Who is better niemi or innes

Innes is only used in Eirika's route because he usually starts out stronger than Neimi, but in Ephraim's route you are taking his only lead away. I consider Ranger to be better since it gives Neimi instant access to Steel Swords, more movement and a And you get Innes by the desert point regardless so yeah. . In my experience Niemi's best class is benchwarmer. Which archer would you recommend: Neimi or Innes. TheMerryKrimson 10/19/16 . Which archer would Good Morning. Into Fire Emblem? Join the community.

Innes is a cool unit. He is the only good Bow user (lol Neimi and lol Ranger Gerik )Also, EirikaxInnes and TanaxEphraim. In-laws marrying. Innes has good stats, good levels, a gem, a silver bow, AND Neimi . Since I never used either Innes > Niemi Because he is already a sniper. Speaking of Neimi, Innes is potentially a good replacement for her if you haven't been levelling her, but Neimi can become a ranger, meaning.

Sniper-Innes(It pains me to do this) Ranger-Neimi . Warrior: Garcia (he actually turnde out better than Ross as a Berserker) Ranger: Niemi. However, her higher offensive stat growths tend to make her slightly stronger than Innes at a maxed level, and she can also become a ranger for the improved . The John Innes Foundation, Norwich, UK. Hopwood, D. A. (). Genetic contributions to understanding polyketide synthases. Chem. Rev. 97, – .