Websites when youre stoned

It's pretty apparent that smoking weed and chilling out are closely intertwined, especially if you're smoking some killer couch-lock Indica. It's a Wednesday night, and you're bored. Your roommate is on a Tinder date, and you already saw your sorta-kinda-we're-just-having-fun. Every month or so i like to do a post of websites that are fun to visit while high. I will keep this post updated for the next day or so with.

These trippy websites is what you need during your next drinking session If ya' ll into matrix shit, this dope website will make you go crazy. Here are just 10 of the best games to play when you're baked. some of these games may leave you and your guests too stoned to move. Whether you want to veg out or get weird, we've got you covered. Stoned in Seattle: 20 fun places to go when you're high Visit Website.

This article was originally published on VICE Australia. You can do anything while you're stoned, and the ever-increasing varieties of ways to. Post with votes and views. Shared by TwoBiteBrownie. 15 Trippy ass websites for you, favorite for later!. Bookmark this for when you're having a bad day or when you just need a There's something so soothing about these single-serving sites.