How to pronounce hippolytus myth

Hippolytus. [hi-pol-i-tuh s]. Examples. noun. Also Hip·pol·y·tos [hi- pol -i-t uh s, - tos] /hɪˈpɒl ɪ təs, -ˌtɒs/. Classical Mythology. the son of Theseus who was. creates the fullness of the tragedy in the Hippolytus: on the one hand, a ing that in introducing herself she does not say " I am a god," but "I am called a god, " OE& . the dangerous, passion-filled ancestry of Phaedra, for in legend she was. Without having the first play available to us, we can't say definitively Indeed, there is much in the original myth that suggests Hippolytus is in a.

Aricia (Ancient Greek: Ἀρικία, Arikía) is a name appearing in Virgil's Aeneid in a context that Yet Virbius is commonly the name by which Hippolytus himself was known after he was brought back to life on the request of Artemis. As for Aricia. In Greek mythology, Phaedra /ˈfiːdrə, ˈfɛdrə/ (Ancient Greek: Φαίδρα, Phaidra ) (or Fedra) Though married to Theseus, Phaedra fell in love with Hippolytus, Theseus's son by another woman (born to either Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons. I see the son of Theseus coming hither-Hippolytus, fresh from the labours of the chase. A rock there is, where, as they say, the ocean dew distils, and from its.

If the word has a smooth breathing it is pronounced without an H while if it has a rough .. The full title of the edition I read is "Hippolytus in Drama and Myth.