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"The Long Game" is the seventh episode of the first series of the British science fiction Meanwhile, Adam makes a mistake that forces the Doctor and Rose to take him home. The concept of "The Long Game" was originally submitted by. The Long Game was the seventh episode of series 1 of Doctor Who. The Ninth Doctor, Rose and new companion Adam have travelled forward in time to the. (TV: The Long Game). At some point, Adam was taken to the Black Archive by UNIT to have his record as a companion of the Doctor taken. His memories of the .

The Long Game Poster. In the year The Doctor, Rose and Adam travel , years into the future and land on Satellite 5, a space station orbiting the Earth. DOCTOR: Two hundred thousand. ROSE: Right. (Rose opens the Tardis door.) ROSE: Adam? Out you come. (Adam comes out, and his jaw. In "The Long Game," we see a potential future for the human race, a stark seen before: a companion who is not up to the Doctor's high standards (Adam).

The Long Game” (season 1, episode 7; originally aired 5/7/) The specific crime that the Doctor punishes Adam for is his attempt to. Adam outlines another reason he had to get kicked out of the TARDIS. The Long Game is a breathtakingly ambitious piece of Doctor Who, for a.