Who won the battle of breitenfeld 1630

The Battle of Breitenfeld or First Battle of Breitenfeld was fought at a crossroads near . [Tilly] received a horrible, uninterrupted pounding from the king's light pieces and was prevented from coming to grips . Arkiv till Upplysning om Svenska Krigens och Krigsinstrattningarnes Historia: Tidskiftet (in Swedish). Vol. The Second Battle of Breitenfeld, also known as the First Battle of Leipzig, took place on 23 October at Breitenfeld, some kilometres ( mi) north-east . The Battle of L├╝tzen (16 November ) was one of the most important battles of the Thirty Years' War. Though losses were about equally heavy on both sides, .

Battle of Breitenfeld, (Sept. 17, ), the first major Protestant victory of the Thirty Years' War, in which the army of the Roman Catholic Habsburg emperor. Jun 12, By , Gustavus was ready to invade Germany. . Croatians sweeping around to take the enemy in the rear, Tilly had all but won the battle. The Sack of Madgeburg and the Battle of Breitenfeld. The Swedes Advance By late however, his reinforced armies moved east. By mid-January, they.

The Swedish intervention in the Thirty Years' War, when King Gustav II Adolf of From to , Swedish-led armies drove the Catholic forces back, regaining much of the lost Protestant territory, especially at the key Battle of Breitenfeld. May 7, The Battle of Breitenfeld is one of the major battles of the Thirty Years' Thus began the Swedish period of the Thirty Years' War In , Sweden made the Truce of Altmark with Poland, and in June of Saxony) met just north of Leipzig in the Battle of Breitenfeld, 7 September his army was defeated there and Tilly died from wounds received in the battle. Sep 11, By the time Sweden entered the brutal Thirty Years' War on the Protestant side in , Though Gustavus' force had the advantage of numbers, the battle to eventually turn the Imperialist flank and win a decisive victory.