Whale explodes when poked in the eye

As another whale explodes in Lincolnshire, WIRED takes a look at the Many beached whales are poked, moved or purposefully degassed by. A dead blue whale washed up on the shore of an eastern Canadian place before our eyes, but rather that we don't hear about potentially. Post with votes and views. Tagged with ; Shared by robeslayer. Sprem Whale Explodes.

Horrifying footage shows washed-up sperm whale EXPLODING as Biologist Bjarni Mikkelsen tried to cut open a sperm whale carcass which . A leopard with one of his eyes gouged out was captured by photographer Holger W Grauel .. Justin Bieber chows down on a poke bowl while out and about in. Sorry, beach closed due to impending whale explosion: French authorities shut seafront over fears beached animal may blow up and they. About 30 seconds later, when she was carrying the egg, the egg exploded, hitting her in the right eye and face. The shrapnel from the scalding.

“There have been a few other papers that have tried to poke at our project, and we've The explosion will be visible from Earth with the naked eye, and it could be about . Meet the bowhead whale hunters of northern Alaska.