Swagat hai means what in japanese

The basic words for "yes" and "no" are はい hai and いいえ iie. However More precisely, はい hai in Japanese means, "I agree with you", or, "It is correct." Thus. welcome. Hindi translation: aapka swagat hai. GLOSSARY Kateabc. na, AAYEE! AAP KS HAMARE GHAR PE SWAGAT HAI. K SHAH. The basic usage of “majide” is “ sure”, “yes it is”, “seriously”. “majide” is a kind of frank words which may be used in friendship. If you're really asking for '' Hai, Majide'', the it means '' Yes, really/ for sure / for real''.

English-Chinese, English-Japanese, English-Korean, English-Arabic This phrase means "Welcome" (to greet someone) and the word "istaqbaal" is of * Note: "Aapka" and "hai" are both easily understood words in Urdu and Hindi. I normally use khush amdeed (Urdu) or swagat or koi baat nahin, as I. Contextual translation of "aapka swagat hai" into English. Human translations with examples: welcome, your welcome, is vidio mai, aapka swagat hai, what is. If you are just learning Japanese, the word "hai" (yes) is an important term to learn. The pronunciation, Japanese characters, and variations can.

Is there any word or sentence meaning "you are welcome", "there is nothing to thank It literally means "it's nothing":) AAp KA SWAGAT HAi. Translation for 'स्वागत करना' in the free Hindi-English dictionary and many other English translations. "स्वागत करना" English translation. HI. Hindi Translation of “welcome” | The official Collins English-Hindi Dictionary Greek: καλωσόρισμα; Italian: accoglienza; Japanese: 歓迎; Korean: 환영 인사.