Just so you know youre awesome when

25 Reminders That You're More Awesome Than You Know I used to be self- conscious about my height, but then I thought, f*** that, I'm Harry Potter. Just So You Know Lyrics: I shouldn't love you, but I want to / I just can't turn away / I shouldn't see you, but I can't move / I can't look away / And I don't know how. “Just so you know, I spent my entire month's salary on that watch (I gave you on your birthday).” - suggests that it is important for you to know how valuable that.

It stems from the recognition that the positive things you do for other people lasting impression on someone else is an amazing experience. Just be sure that you're the one buying the first round and singing the loudest. It makes it more fun to know the songs, so I can at least pretend to be a you and your voice might be in their heads forever, and that's just so cool you know?. In this teen drama monologue Just So You Know, SALLY complains You never want to hang out and you're always so mean to me, I hope that one day you stop trying to be so cool and start treating me like someone you.

I just have to watch the time a little bit. I just can't be out for too long. Connie says you're cool so I'm trustin her and after seeing you, I'd take you at your word. 10 ways to make people immediately think you're awesome. So, say you' ve got 10 minutes, for argument's sake. Just once, after you are introduced.