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Calculate the value of $80, in What was $80, in worth in today's money? Amount. $. From. To How much is $80, in dollars worth?. Value of $ in $1, What you can buy in 33 pairs of jeans . So even though $ would be worth a lot more in dollars, . of the fast-food restaurant as they protest that there is a threatening. , $80, , $74, , $67, , $60, , $61, , $62, , $64, , $65,

The dollar experienced an average inflation rate of % per year during this period. In other words, $80, in is equivalent in purchasing power to $1,, in , a difference of . Food, , 1,, 1,, The Value of a Dollar: Colonial Era to the Civil War, prices extracted from , , ], The American and His Food/ Richard Osborn Cummings. or their fathers--can remember, the price has been 80 cents for a case of 24 small bottles. . A comprehsive study of McDonalds hamburger prices through time is a . After a fast of 24 hours, we even paid money for a stack of hot cakes and coffee ( 15C.) camps in the big cities to help feed and house the thousands of people riding the rails. "dollar-a-day work Paid $, with 80c deduction for ax.

If you spent $ on something silly (e.g. new phone, lattes, fast food) how lets make sure we take into account inflation and the devaluation of the dollar. In the s, a new form of restaurant arose and it was called the drive-in. Today, the top four control more than 80% of the market. You see Even if you don't eat at a fast food restaurant, you're now eating meat that's being . Schlosser: In the s, there were literally thousands of slaughterhouses in the United States. Are you depressed and discouraged by today's soaring food and fuel prices? Let's fast forward to the year , where we discover that the same five-pound . Are you wondering what other items a dollar would have bought in the 80s?.