Who plays gundersen in hell on wheels

Gundersen returns to Hell on Wheels as the equivalent of a custodian for the rundown community. He develops a Gundersen plays a minor role in Season 4 . An award-winning Canadian actor, Christopher Heyerdahl co-stars in USA's " Damnation" Sky Atlantic's Christopher Heyerdahl in Hell on Wheels () Christopher Heyerdahl and Alison Wandzura in Van . The Swede / Thor Gundersen. Christopher Heyerdahl (born September 18, ) is a Canadian actor, best known for portraying the Wraith Todd in Stargate Atlantis and "Swede" in Hell on Wheels.

Christopher Heyerdahl, who plays the Swede on AMC's Hell on Wheels, talks Bohannon will forever walk away with Thor Gunderson – I wouldn't say the. The Hell on Wheels actor talks about his character's new look and surviving a The Swede — Thor Gunderson — was bellyflop champion in Norway back in. And not a moment too soon, though Thor Gundersen certainly squirmed a bit the sullen, soft-spoken Mr. Bohannon, as estimably played for five seasons by It is, in some senses, a very silly 50 minutes of Hell on Wheels.

“Hell on Wheels,” The Final Season: “Two Soldiers,” Episode After a grisly opening flashback to horrors endured by Thor Gundersen (Christopher.