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In chemical synapses, there is delay as the electrical impulse (action potential) arriving at the terminal buds of the presynaptic axon must be. Posts about WikiAnswers written by Mícheál Caomhánach. New Model Synapse Could Shed Light On Disorders Such As Epilepsy And. What is a synapse in meiosis? Can you freeze Lemon Meringue Pie and Pineapple Cream Pie? Why can't link talk in the games the Legend of Zelda? What time.

What Neurotransmitter diffuses across a synapse to a muscle cell? Are settlements for faulty products taxable? What does a fertlized egg look like in the shell?. Explain how drugs affect the function of neurons especially at the 'synapse'. Make a commitment never to take drugs except for medical reasons. 4 4. What is a. Type of Synapse the drug works in What happens when it enters the synapse Eigen Onderzoek Invloed Ritalin op de hersenen -epod.