What does gar stand for in anime

Gar” is an Internet slang term associated with same-sex affection for overtly masculine characters Yahoo Answers – What does Gar mean in anime terms. More often spelled GAR, this basically refers to traits in anime that are seen as manly. Art styles like those seen in Fist of the North Star or the. Most GAR anime characters!! Tell who is the most GAR CHARACTER to everyone and why! GAR definition: do you mean gay characters?.

Derived from a typo ('gar' instead of 'gay') on 4chan's /a/nime image board when referring to Archer from the H-game and anime series "Fate Stay Night". It soon spread, sweeping like wildfire across the internet anime communities, .. This does not make it a trope people can use and refer to in the world of fiction. It has its origins during a discussion of Archer's last stand in Fate Stay Night;. GAR, also spelt Gar or gar, is a term used to describe an anime for Archer after his gutsy last stand in episode fourteen of Fate/stay night.

While archer does boast the lowest stat total (not counting Noble I mean think about it, in UBW the one route where Archer truly had his heart. [IMG] Welcome to the Guys of Anime Rumble (GAR) 2 guys recommendation thread. If you are not familiar with GAR, it is a tournament to find who is. Togusa - GitS Stand Alone Complex .. They both do seem similar and they are both ladies men, but for very different reasons, one is all about chivalry and. Technically, Kinnikuman would be the second longest GAR anime, but it's not fully translated. You can use it as a .. #05 ✘ Watch a stand-alone anime ― [url= URL]SERIES[/url] #06 ✘ Watch .. It does not have to be ugly.