How to bite people ebonheart eso

Can someone please bite me? Platform:Xbox 1. Gamertag:TheGamingDevil0. Server:Europe Alliance:Ebonheart Pact Please message me on. ESO Werewolf guide with detailed instruction on how to become a werewolf and unlock their although there are reports of people finishing the quest as early as level .. I'm needing a werewolf bite on Ebonheart PS4. Just got my vampire rank up to 6 and I want to give my first bite to someone here. On the NA server. All I ask is that when you can, don't charge.

The Elder Scrolls Online I'm looking for someone to werewolf bite me so i can becoe a werewolf, it will be I am in the Ebonheart Pact. So this is a thread were people can offer and recieve FREE bites to others in the . Looking for a vamp or ww bite xbox one ebonheart na server charecter name MrDarker .. I dont have ESO, but I hope this thread helps you find eachother. I can only bite someone once every seven days. I am more than happy to help anyone who is looking. However this will be first come first serve. If you don't get.