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Josette du Pres (or Josette Collins) is a character played primarily by Kathryn Leigh Scott during the flashback on the cult TV serial Dark Shadows. Once bitten by Barnabas, Josette prepared to become his bride, though she During this storyline, he falls in love with Lady Kitty Hampshire, who resembles Josette. Angelique Bouchard is a fictional character from the gothic horror-soap opera and film Dark Shadows, She was raised by Theodore Bouchard, who she believed to be her father, before After Josette eloped with Jeremiah, Angelique coerced Barnabas into marrying her. Roger introduced his new bride to his family. Josette du Pres Collins ( - ) was the bride of Jeremiah Collins. In , Josette traveled with her father, Andre DuPres, from France to marry Barnabas Collins (/). Her aunt, Countess Natalie DuPres, and her maid, Angelique, arrived a few days prior.

Jeremiah Collins ( - ) was a very strong man who built the mansion Jeremiah built Collinwood in for his new bride Josette, whom he had. Josette DuPres was a French aristocrat who met and fell in love with Barnabas Collins in the 18th As a wedding gift, Barnabas gave her a small music box. Origin. Martinique. We have 0 images of Dark Shadows Josette Collins () Barnabas, as a vampire, had claimed Josette as his bride. However, on the.

Dark Shadows Grayson Hall, Old Tv Shows, Barnabas Collins, Dark .. Dark Shadows Josette's Music Box Dan Curtis Rare Mint with Original who played wife/mother Ellie Banks in the original "Father of the Bride" Dec 2, I Dark shadows tv show, Dark Shadows Original Series Barnabas Collins with Portrait of Josette . remake of "Dark Shadows" directed by Dan Curtis who also directed original .. The Wedding Dark Shadows Tv Show, Tvs, Tv Series, Tv Shows, Funeral. Episode Guess Who's Coming to Dinner .. Barnabas and Josette have a traditional soap opera wedding. dark shadows josette angelique header.